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SMA Awareness Day - Saturday 30th September 2017

This year, we want to use SMA Awareness Day to tell the public more about our work, about the children, young people and adults who are affected by SMA, and about what's happening in the SMA Community. But we need your help to increase our reach and in helping to raise SMA Awareness.

What you can do to help us:

  • Sign up to our Thunderclap message and then get your friends, family and colleagues to sign up too! This Thunderclap will automatically go out to all your contacts via social media at a set time on the 30th giving it as big a reach and impact as possible.

    Last year, 170 people signed up which meant we reached
    134, 603 individuals - help us to beat this target this year and give our message its biggest reach yet! We will be sharing details on how to sign up very soon (watch this space and our social media pages).
  • Follow us on Facebook (/SMASupportUK), Twitter (@SMASupportUK) and Instagram (/smasupportuk)and then share, like, retweet and regram our posts about #SMAAwarenessDay in the run up to, and during, the day.
  • On the day itself, you could post a photo and a short sentence about yourself or what's important to you - it is your words that will give real insight on #SMAAwarenessDay
  • Why not invite friends, family, colleagues or classmates to join you for a 'Coffee and Cake Day for SMA' and help raise funds and awareness at the same time? Our brand new FREE Coffee and Cake Day fundraising packs are here and ready to go; they include prize-winning recipies, inspirational stories, a poster, balloons and bunting to help make your event a success. Request yours here.
  • Use our fundraising tools to help raise awareness in your community, for example you can now download and make your very own SMA Support UK bunting!
  • Download our leaflets, or send this link to people you know so that they can read more about SMA and about the work we do
  • Send us your SMA Voices story so that people can better understand the impact of SMA. It can be as long or short a story as you want, and about anything you want to share, for example memories and experiences, a day out or an achievement. You can find examples of what others have chosen to write about here. For further information, or to send in your story, please email: